Amethyst Standing Point (237)

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This listing is for one Amethyst Standing Polished Crystal point from Brazil. The Crystal you are purchasing is the one in the photo. 

Amethyst is a Wind Element stone related to Third Eye & Crown Chakras.

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection. It can create a protective "bubble" of Light around one's aura. It can aid in curing overindulgences, addictions of all kinds and banish negative thoughts. Amethyst has been used all throughout history to promote sobriety.

It can both calm & stimulate the mind as appropriate and is an excellent meditation stone. Amethyst also stimulates intuition, psychic abilities and connections to the spiritual realm.  

Placing Amethyst clusters or crystals in one's home can bring a protective energy to the space. It can block geopathic stress and clear negative environmental energies.

Physically Amethyst can help to balance the nervous system and brain functions. It's useful for eliminating anger, anxiety & fear. It's high frequency can asset oxygenating the blood and can reduce bruising. It can enhance memory and improve motivation.