Aragonite Star Cluster (D)

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This listing is for one Aragonite Star Cluster. The Crystal in the photo is the Crystal you are purchasing.

Aragonite Star Cluster is a Storm Element stone related to All the Chakras.

Aragonite Star Clusters are powerful healers for the emotional body. Their vibration spreads immediately through the body & aura - clearing, cleansing and balancing all the Chakras and raising one's vibration. They release attachments, energy blockages and tensions in one's subconscious relating to past wounds. It can give insights to the cause of problems. Aragonites teach patience and ban oversensitivity.

Meditation with an Aragonite Star Cluster can open the inner eye to visionary experiences of past lives and forgotten events. They are great Crystals for those who wish to link with their Higher Selves.

These Crystals are powerful tools for Crystal healers as they can make one aware of imbalances within one's energy field as well as within the fields of someone else. They ground Light energy into every aspect of the physical body.

Physically, Aragonite Star Clusters stimulate the body's entire energy system, increasing vitality. They can help to regenerate bone tissue.