Azurite & Malachite Crystal (A)

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This listing is for one Azurite & Malachite Crystal. The Crystal in the photo is the one you are purchasing.

Azurite is a Wind Element stone related to the Crown & Third Eye Chakras.

Azurite is a stone of inner discovery. The color of Azurite carries the exact frequency of the Third Eye Chakra and is an amazing stone to cleanse & activate it. It's helpful in developing one's intuition, psychic powers & connection to higher guidance.

Azurite can bridging new insight allowing one to release old fears & beliefs.

Physically, Azurite can help with brain issues such as migraines & vertigo and throat issues. It can clear stress, worry & sadness.

Azurite is a good companion when studying new information as it helps one to remain focused and assimilate & retain knowledge.


Malachite is a Fire Element stone related to the Heart & Solar Plexus Chakra.

Malachite is a stone that can protect one from negative energies, it can strengthen one's energetic shield. It can also absorb electromagnetic stress. Malachite can increase one's willpower & confidence. Ones should be prepared & ready before working with Malachite as it can be used to draw out impurities and negative energy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It can "bring up" things that need to be dealt with such as negative experiences, emotional traumas and outdated mental patterns.

Malachite has the healthiest energy pattern for the heart, both physically and emotionally.