Clear Optical Calcite / Iceland Spar (A)

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This listing is for one Clear Optical Calcite (also known as Iceland Spar). This piece is from Chihuahua, Mexico. The Crystal in the photo is the one you are purchasing.

Clear Calcite is a Fire & Wind stone related to All the Chakras.

Clear Calcite is similar to Quartz in that they can be programmed to amplify one's intention, helping to bring their intent into the physical world.

Clear Calcite is a powerful detoxifier that can stimulate the flow of energy throughout the aura.

Clear Calcite is a stone of new beginnings. Placed on the Third Eye, Clear Calcite can help one to clearly see the root of their problems. It helps one to see how their problems are preventing them from moving forward in life and can assist in releasing the past. It can also help one to achieve multilevel awareness, mental clarity and focus.

Clear Calcite can remove the energetic blockages preventing one from their spiritual connection. It can stimulate & open the Third Eye Chakra and promote psychic vision.

Physically, Clear Calcite can stimulate the metabolism.