Crystal Knowledge

Crystal Care

A Crystal absorbs energy from its surroundings. When bringing a new Crystal into your home, it should be cleansed. This should also be done regularly with use of your Crystal. As you cleanse your Crystals, hold the intention in your mind that any negative energies will be transformed into positive. Clearing & Charging Crystals

  • Bury in organic uncooked brown rice at least an hour, no more than overnight.
  • Place them under a Copper Pyramid for at least 20 minutes. 
  • Bury them in your garden/potted plant with organic, untreated soil. 
  • Use sound with a Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tingshas, Bell or Tuning Fork. 
  • Hold them under cool, running water. 
  • Pass them through White Sage smoke. 
  • Place them on a Selenite log or large Quartz cluster overnight. 
  • Submerge them in rainwater or ocean water for an hour. 
  • Place in direct Full Moon light.

Although it can charge them, burying Crystals in salt can erode some.  Sunlight can also be used to charge Crystals, but they can fade dramatically, so use caution.  Care should also be used when putting Crystals in water as certain Crystals dissolve when wet.


How to work with your new Crystal

The easiest way to work with your new Crystal is to hold it in your receptive hand (your receptive hand is usually your left hand if you're right handed and visa versa), close your eyes and feel the energy of the Crystal, see how it affects you mentally & physically. Carry the Crystal around with you throughout the day, keep it in your aura - in your pocket or on your body vs. leaving it in a bag or purse. You can also lay the Crystal on a Chakra point or another spot on your body, start with 20 minutes and work your way up to longer healing session. Drink plenty of water after healing sessions to help release built up toxins.


The Chakra System

When working with Crystals for healing purposes, its best to start with learning about the Chakra System.  

There are seven main chakras in the body that make up one’s life force energy.  When working properly, they are able to give, receive and sense energy.  When they are blocked or distorted, our emotional, mental, physical & spiritual well being is compromised and dis-ease can develop.  They can even become congested with negative energy from outside places or people.

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