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Crystal Tuning Fork


Product Description

The Crystal Tuning fork is tuned to 4096 Hz, the pulsations of the Earth.  

It can be used to clear & recharge Crystals. Simply tap the tuning fork on an activator and hold it over the Crystal. The more you use this method of clearing Crystals the easier it will be for you to hear the sound change coming back from the Crystal. As the Crystal clears & recharges, you’ll hear a higher pitched, clearer sound coming back.

The Crystal tuning fork can also amplify the healing energy of any crystal through sound vibration. Any crystal activated by the Crystal Tuning fork creates a bridge between the Cosmos and the physical body. Use this fork to activate any crystal as you direct the crystal's energy toward the intended recipient.

Ways to use the Crystal Tuning fork in a healing session
• Place the Crystal on a Chakra point or another point on the body, such as an accupressure point. Activate the tuning fork and place the stem end onto the Crystal, touching it.

• Place the Crystal on a Chakra point or another point on the body. Activate the tuning fork and circle it around the Crystal - circle clockwise to push energy in and counter clockwise when drawing energy out.

• Activate the tuning fork and either direct the sound or place the stem end onto a Crystal point, such as Quartz, and direct that point at the person being healed. You can also direct the point at another Crystal that is already place on the person. You can do this while focusing your intended healing thoughts to amplify the healing energies.

* The tuning fork can be used with or without Crystals, you can use any of these methods with the tuning fork alone.

Tuning fork activators are the best way to ring your tuning fork, you can also use a hockey puck.  You can activate on a Quartz Crystal for louder sound, but use caution when activating on something hard like the Quartz as you can knick your tuning fork.

This tuning fork is made in the USA of aluminum alloy material, which is a little harder and can withstand more use. This also gives the fork a more sustained ring time. Each fork is individually tested and guaranteed an accuracy of +/- .25%, which is the best that any manufacturer can guarantee.

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