Manifestation Orgonite® Orgone Generator

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Manifestation Orgonite® Orgone Generator - Peridot, Pyrite, Garnet, Quartz, Copper, Aluminum and Sacred Geometry

This listing is for one Manifestation Orgonite® Orgone Generator. This is a custom piece created after you order. If you'd like a specific intention when creating, just sent a message along with the order. The turnaround time on this piece is approximately 1 week as each layer is created and charged separately. 

This Flower of Life Generator contains Peridot, Pyrite & Garnet Crystals with pure Copper radiating from the center. Three Quartz points are placed underneath the layer of top Crystals and Aluminum covers the bottom.  

This piece was created with the specific intention of amplifying one's power of Manifestation, helping to bring in the frequency of increase in any area it's new keeper seeks to have it. It is a perfect place to create a Crystal Grid, use as a charger for essential oils, glasses of water or other liquids, used over the Chakras in healing work, placed under your pillow at night...the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. It also carries the power of traditional Orgonite® making it great for placing between you and your computer or phone, near a WiFi router, Smart Meter or anywhere else dirty electricity is creating a problem.

These Orgonite® / Orgone Generators are handmade by myself, created in a sacred space and have their energy amplified under a Copper Pyramid before and during curing. The energy in these pieces is palpable!

**Orgone / Chi / Prana / Life Force Energy is the energy that exists everywhere and in everything. These Orgonite® / Orgone Generators are created with certain “ingredients” that work together to cleanse the surrounding stagnant and negative energy, constantly working to transform the negative into positive. Various Crystals are also added to give each piece it’s own unique energy.

“Elemental Healing is a licensed distributor of Orgone Generator® and Orgonite® which are trademarks owned by Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of these devices and the brand Orgonite®, which is famous as one of the most high quality experimental energy substances available”