Polished Phantom Quartz Point

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Phantom Quartz occurs when another substance gets onto the Quartz during its natural growth. The Crystal leaves an image of itself at that point in time. Phantom Quartz can help to connect one to their ancestry & past lives. It's a Crystal of Universal Awareness & planetary healing. It helps to activate healing abilities & enhance connections with spirit guides.

Quartz is a Storm Element stone related to All the Chakras.

Quartz is one of the most powerful energy amplifiers on the planet. They're so powerful, they are used in computers, watches & radio transmitters.

Quartz can be "programmed" to hold any focused intention and store information like a natural computer, making it the both a wonderful healing tool (when used with caution!) and manifestation Crystal.

Quartz can amplify the power of other Crystals, placing a Crystal on a Clear Quartz cluster for a few hours is a great way of charging them. Placing a Crystal in the center of Quartz points, with the points directed towards the Crystal can both charge them and amplify their energy during a healing session.

Crystal points can amplify & direct energy. Placed around the body pointed inwards can direct energy into the body, pointed outwards can release energy. Placing a point on a Chakra can direct the flow of energy to the Chakras above or below it. One can also use a Crystal Point, spiraling above specific Chakras or points on the body. Spiral clockwise to direct the flow of energy inward, spiral counter-clockwise to pull energy out.