Quartz Crystal Point (B)

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This listing is for one Quartz Crystal point from Brazil.

Crystal points can amplify & direct energy. Placed around the body pointed inwards can direct energy into the body, pointed outwards can release energy. Placing a point on a Chakra can direct the flow of energy to the Chakras above or below it. One can also use a Crystal Point, spiraling above specific Chakras or points on the body. Spiral clockwise to direct the flow of energy inward, spiral counter-clockwise to pull energy out.

Quartz is a Storm Element stone related to All the Chakras.

Quartz is one of the most powerful energy amplifiers on the planet. They're so powerful, they are used in computers, watches & radio transmitters.

Quartz can be "programmed" to hold any focused intention and store information like a natural computer, making it the both a wonderful healing tool (when used with caution!) and manifestation Crystal.

Quartz can amplify the power of other Crystals, placing a Crystal on a Clear Quartz cluster for a few hours is a great way of charging them. Placing a Crystal in the center of Quartz points, with the points directed towards the Crystal can both charge them and amplify their energy during a healing session.