Selenite Blade/Knife - 9.25"

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Selenite Ceremonial Knife, Dagger, Crystal Blade - Pure White Light Energy, 3rd Eye & Crown Opener, Increase Awareness, Spirit Guides

This listing is for one 9.25" Selenite Crystal Blade. The Crystal in the photo is the Crystal you are purchasing.

Selenite is a Wind Element stone related to the Third Eye & Crown Chakras.

Selenite is a powerful Third Eye & Crown Chakra opener. It can increase one's awareness and make it possible for one to have contact with their spirit guides.

Selenite can amplify the energy of other stones. Placing your Crystals on a Selenite log over night is great way to charge them.

Small Selenite wands (used with or without other types of Crystals) can be placed in the corners of one's home to create a protective grid, vibrating angelic energy. "Combing" your entire aura with a Selenite wand can clear negative or congested energy from one's etheric body.

Physically, Selenite can help with swelling and can ease pain out. Placing a Selenite Wand along the spine can help to align the spinal column and the Chakras.

For a simple "energy detox", place a small Selenite at the Crown, Black Tourmaline at the feet and colored Calcites on the Chakras.

**Never put Selenite in water as it dissolves.**

**Crystals should not replace any prescribed medical treatment by your doctor.