Tiger Eye (A)

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This listing is for one Tiger Eye Crystal. The Crystal in the photo is the Crystal you are purchasing.

Tiger Eye is a Fire & Earth Element stone related to the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakras.

Tiger Eye is an extremely balancing stone, containing the energy of the earth and the energy of the sun. It aids in balancing the extremes of one's physical, spiritual and emotional states. Tiger Eye energizes the body to accomplish the imperatives of one's will. It can help to bring harmony between people with different viewpoints.

Being a protective stone, Tiger Eye was traditionally carried as a talisman. Its helps to ground and ease the manifestation of the will.

Placing a Tiger Eye on the Third Eye Chakra can also gently enhance psychic abilities and third eye activity.

Physically Tiger Eye supports vitality and assists in bringing one's hormones & biochemistry into balance.